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Starvision has its own Creative Studio. Video and audio products are produced here, which we place on the Multi-Media-digital Platform.
We also cooperate with Kedistudio ( to fulfill commercial orders.
Media Communications:

We develop special media finance plan to create and share the commercial product. There are many opportunities because of out digital format. That is why; economy packages of Media Mixes will be sold. It means that your advertisement will be placed on 4 channels (Television, Radio, Information Portal and Mobile Application) with creative content. You can be involved in the producing process.
You can also choose where the advertisement will be on air only on Television and Radio, News Agency or communication Application.
We communicate with local and International Media Agencies and we will help you to share your advertisement through other Medias.
Different Creative Services:

Multi-Media-Digital Platform Starvision suggest sponsored and product placement services. The most affective service in this field will be available only on our Multi-Media-Digital Platform, because we are on airs all the time. Our Anchors will do the special marketing and PR tasks. We provide you an opportunity to advertise your product through live Price-draw competition in affordable price.

PR & GR Service:

Information Agency and Starvision suggests PR commercial organizations and governmental structures in Georgia and 132 Countries of the World. The relevant content will be prepared and broadcasted on Starvision and Georgian Media; it will also be spread in media space of other countries. We cooperate with International Agency McCann
Our Journalists will prepare Reportages and articles on theme, which you choose. This footage will be shared on Web site and broadcasted on Television. The article and videos can be prepared also only for Internet Portals.
You can also use the Special Offer.
Become the subscriber of Starvision and get everyday news package in electronic reading format.

The package price per month is - 500 GEL +VAT

It is also possible to order pre and post PR of the event organized by you.

In addition, the information can be spread through different medias

(it has additional value).

All Communication channels of Starvision will be open for all the subscribers once in a month and our clients will be able to share their information for free.

Business representatives will be able to order a package of information monitoring in concrete period of time. We can provide them with information, which they are interested in during that period. This package will have other special price.

Photo, Video and Audio Production:

The crew of Stravision is ready to get special orders to shoot and edit corporative events, presentations and any other kind of events.
It is possible to broadcast live Fashion Weeks, Festivals and Charity Concerts.
Starvision can get and broadcast online any signal from any corner of Georgia and Abroad.
To become all these services and for single one-off or multiple advertisements in main block of Star News, connect Marketing Department.

Tel: +995 32 237 80 00 / +99 55 77 52 15 00

Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.